Committed to the Cause

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Vice President

Traei Tsai, is a Taiwanese- born Canadian local writer, actress and fashion model, based in Vancouver. As a graduate of SFU in Social Sciences in Anthropology and Sociology, s. She has been involved in multiple ways in the shaping of Canadians settling in Canada. Since 2009, her career in both private and public sectors has raised continuous awareness aboutin social issues in the realm of visible minorities in Canada. Her passion lies in creating layers of positive social impacts that continuously support a better community and world that we share. She is currently writing a book on femalewomen empowerment, capturing true stories of women around the globe.

Mostafa Keshvari


President | Co-founder

Mostafa Keshvari is an award-winning Director, Writer, Producer based in Vancouver. He is a member of Directors and Writers Guild of Canada (DGC & WGC) and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Mostafa's work mainly focus on social issues and minorities. His film have won over 50 global awards and have been on notable news media such as NY Times, BBC, TIMES, The Guardian, Hollywood Reporter, CBC, The Global news and etc. 
As a minority filmmaker, Mostafa has faced many challenges to get equal opportunities. His mission is to help other minorities overcome and eventually eliminate these present current obstacles.
“We want to add more colours to BC stories by diversifying our cast, crew and content,”.





BIPOC Actress, Producer & Artist

Desirée Monsurate is an Indo-Canadian producer, actress, writer, and artist, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Desiree completed an intensive Intro to Acting class at VADA and then applied for the year long Acting Program at Vancouver Film School where she successfully challenged the Acting Essentials Program and was admitted directly into the Acting for Film and Television Program. Desiree then went on to produce several films including Ms. Purple, which was one of twelve finalists at Sundance Film Festival, and Driveways, which went to Berlin Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival. She is also a co-executive producer on Bisping, the Michael Bisping Documentary. Desiree is currently pursuing a career as an artist and paints out of the Dene Croft Studios under her mentor, Dene Croft, President of the Canadian Federation of Artists.